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Terence Mills, CEO, AI.io

“STEM the tide. Filling the Talent Gap”

It is incredible the rate at which business is changing. It is changing at such a breakneck pace, that it seems no one can keep up. With this change comes a requirement for a new kind of employee – one with much different skills and they seem to be in very short supply.Filling the talent gap means that risk managers have a key role to play in collaborating with HR to develop brand new hiring approaches. And who are the risk managers? They are us. Each one of us.

Chris Baldwin, VP Marketing, Zoovu

A Cry For Help: Simplify my decision and take my money

Online conversion rates are 7x lower than in brick-and-mortar stores. With so much choice available on digital channels, consumers often fall victim to “choice overload”. How can you simplify the search experience to help shoppers buy?

  • Why ‘choice overload’ is the biggest problem facing shoppers in all categories
  • The fastest way to increase digital sales by 211%
  • Why traditional commerce strategies are no longer enough
  • How to transform the search experience to simplify decision making and increase purchase confidence by 71%